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The world’s political landscape greatly changed in 2019 when dozens of nations around the globe voted. While countries such as Canada and Nigeria opted to maintain the status quo and re-elected their leaders, other nations like Ukraine replaced their existing national leaders. 2020 is guaranteed to provide even more political shifting as a plethora of countries will head to the polls once again and will make the decision to either seek a change or give their chosen leaders more time. 



Israel went to the polls twice in 2019, but remarkably neither vote produced a clear cut winner. The winners who were declared weren’t able to form a government meaning that Israelis will have to make a third attempt at an election. One thing that will play a role in this third Israeli election is the fact that incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted in November of 2019 on charges of bribery, breach of trust and fraud. The world will be watching to see what Israel does with the charges that have been levied against Netanyahu. 



Under the leadership of the new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populated nation has experienced a political awakening. Ahmed broke the long-tenured run of Ethiopian strong-arm tactics and freed thousands of political prisoners when he took office in 2018. 2020 will see over 500 seats in the House of People’s Representatives which means that people will be deciding the fate of the promises Ahmed has made. If the people of Ethiopia vote in supporters of Ahmed’s vision, Ethiopia may undergo continued change within its political structure.


United States

The leader of the free world will be named in November of 2020 as Republican President, Donald J. Trump will face the Democratic nominee. Trump, who was impeached by the House before being exonerated by the Senate, will try to make history as we will see if a President who was impeached is able to win re-election. Trump already has the support of the Republican party and has brought unemployment rates to record lows, but will certainly enter his re-election campaign with the shadow of impeachment hanging over his head. In addition to the Presidential election, there are 34 Senate seats up for grabs, 22 of which are currently held by Republicans.