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It is never too late to start learning how to improve your finances, and it is easier than you think. No matter what your situation is, enrolling in personal finance courses will help you either immediately or gradually, but either way, it will definitely benefit you in the long run. All you need to do is apply your new knowledge base and the tips, tools, and resources you acquire in your courses to your own life and circumstances, and remain consistent. Whether your financial progress begins right away or takes some time to yield positive results, it is worth strengthening your preparation, skills, and practice now.

Free Online Finance Courses

Financial Literacy Course –

 This online course offered by is free and covers a variety of essential topics, skills, and strategies needed to improve your finances. You can complete the class in just six to 10 hours, and it also includes retirement planning and insurance information and resources as well.

Money Skills Class

 Presented at the university level but geared towards beginners, this free class includes 10 videos and a number of interactive exercises to help you on your financial journey. Developed by two economics professors from George Mason University, Money Skills Class is offered by Marginal Revolution University, a nonprofit organization founded by the pair. They are currently in the process of creating the largest inventory of free financial and economic education videos in the world.

Smart About Money Courses

 Another free online opportunity, these courses provided by the National Endowment of Financial Education are perfect for people of all ages. You can choose from classes designed specifically for high school students, college students, or adults, and they cover everything from saving, investing, insurance, taxes, and retirement planning.

Additional Free Online Finance Courses:

Personal Finance Courses – Khan Academy

Behavioral Finance Course – Duke University

Personal Finance Courses – Brigham Young University

Personal Finance Course – Missouri State University

Online Finance Courses with Fees

Suze Orman’s Personal Finance Online Course $54

Financial Peace University (Offers a free 14-day trial, then $129.99)

 The best actions you can take right now to improve your finances is to research thoroughly, educate yourself and your family, apply your new knowledge and skills to your situation, and keep updated on current events and trends. There is truly a plethora of useful information and resources available to you online, like tips on decreasing and eliminating your debt and countless other suggestions.