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Many of the world’s most successful executives benefit from the advice of a mentor. Moreover, mentors have helped more than a few decision-makers to grow professionally and secure high-level roles. Consequently, the groundbreaking leaders of tomorrow stand to gain from connecting and consulting with a mentor as soon as possible.

To help these individuals do so, here’s how leaders can find a professional mentor.

Project the Right Image

Mentors connect with leaders because they see potential in their workplace capabilities and skills. Leaders might not have every component of their career down pat – fluid situations in today’s quick-moving business climate mean that few do – but they must demonstrate that they’re a worthwhile long-term bet for mentors. Otherwise, they won’t find a mentor or have access to the invaluable knowledge and motivation that they offer.

And projecting the right image is the best way to demonstrate that one is a worthwhile long-term bet for a mentor.

Dressing appropriately for executive roles, behaving appropriately for executive roles, being eager to learn, and always striving to improve are just some excellent ways to project the right image.

Network, Network, Network

With the right image in place, leaders can then network without the risk of turning off tremendous mentors. Attend as many events as possible, meet as many people as possible, and make as many contacts as possible. There’s no telling when a phone number or email address will come in handy, both for mentorship and generally.

While networking, keep an eye out for (and gravitate towards) possible mentors who have achieved meaningful career results and appear as though they have what it takes to impart key lessons and relay worthwhile ideas.

Utilize Social Media

Social media – with a particular emphasis on LinkedIn, through which a massive number of professionals have connected – is another useful resource for leaders in search of mentors. Mentors often discover and reach out to leaders through social media, and it’s therefore imperative that users carefully tailor their profiles and frequently check their messages.

In the not-so-distant past, finding a mentor through social media, LinkedIn, or otherwise, would have been unthinkable. But in one of many testaments to the evolving professional world – and the corresponding need for mentorship – social media is an asset to executives today.