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Some managers can find it difficult to delegate, and this can be particularly difficult for entrepreneurs. After all, entrepreneurs are used to being hands-on and doing everything. They have been there from the moment the business was just an idea until it became a reality and then a success, and it can be hard to let go and let others do things. Understanding the reasons for this reluctance can help entrepreneurs understand why they may lack trust in their employees and what they can do about it.

One of those reasons is simply that the entrepreneur is worried that the employee is not ready to take on responsibilities. Entrepreneurs should emphasize the role of trust and responsibility from the beginning and should be clear about their expectations. Of course, on the employee’s first day on the job, they are not ready, but a good manager will gradually add responsibilities so that the employee can learn. Entrepreneurs who have a tendency to micromanage people are often pleasantly surprised to discover that when they step back, they have a lot more time to do big picture creative work instead of having to be consumed with day-to-day details.

It can also be hard for entrepreneurs to let go of the idea that they are the best at everything that they do. However, this attitude can be detrimental and not just when it comes to specialty areas such as law and accounting. It may well be that an employee is better at dealing with customers or in other areas of the business. Entrepreneurs should see this as an opportunity and remember that their strengths lie in getting the business up and running.

Finally, entrepreneurs are understandably worried about the costs of putting trust in the wrong person. An employee could potentially make a catastrophic mistake. However, entrepreneurs need to let go of that worry and focus on hiring excellent staff. Employees generally respond well to being given significant responsibilities and will perform accordingly.

An entrepreneur’s business is important to them, and it is understandable that they would be wary about bringing anyone in. However, training employees who are then able to take on important tasks themselves will only make the business stronger.