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If you’re new to the world of business, you’ve probably received lots of unsolicited advice on how to run your company. Some of these tips are genuinely helpful, but some are overrated business cliches that should be ignored. Here are some of the least-helpful business tips that you’re likely to hear.

Have A Unique Product or Service

Everyone wants their business to stand out, but that doesn’t mean delivering a product that is completely unique. It’s more important that you give your clients what they need, which often means sticking to tried-and-true marketing strategies. It may seem boring, but you need to stick with what works, especially when you’re starting out. Doing something that is too different will just confuse people and make them less likely to want to do business with you.

The Customer is Always Right

While you should do what you can to keep your customers happy, you don’t want to bend over backwards for them if it’s going to hurt you in the end. Some customers get upset for good reason, but others are just abusive and trying to take advantage of you. If you let them take advantage of you and your services, they will keep doing so, so don’t be afraid to refuse service to someone who is demanding more than what you can give them.

Don’t Go Into Business With Friends

Ideally, you want a business partner who will know you well and complement your skills and knowledge, and nobody will know you better than your closest friends. If you have a friend with good ideas about how to run a business, there’s no reason not to make them a partner as long as your friendship doesn’t interfere with the business or vice versa.

Never Turn Down an Opportunity

The people who tell you to never turn down an opportunity are assuming that every opportunity that comes along will help your business. That isn’t always the case. If an opportunity comes along that will definitely benefit your business, you should jump on it. If it comes with strings attached, think about it before coming to a decision. If you’re going to be stretched too thin and can’t afford to take on any other jobs, say no. If what you’re doing is working for you right now, you’re probably better off just doing it. You don’t always have to be growing your business at all times no matter what anyone tells you.