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Maintaining good security for your business will help it grow in two distinct ways. First, you’ll reduce the losses you would suffer through theft, data breaches, and other threats. Secondly, consumers will see that you take extra steps to protect your customers, and that will boost your brand’s positive reputation. More people will prefer your business over a competitor when you create a strong plan for your business’ security.

Start With the Equipment

Every good security plan starts by making use of the latest in security technology, and there are many different types of hardware available to you. Begin with a basic surveillance camera monitoring system to cover your building’s entrances and key points throughout your store. You should also use key card systems to maintain tighter control over who can access private areas. Smart locks, security lighting, and motion sensors can also provide significant security benefits.

Vet Your Vendors and Partners

Even though inventory shrinkage is often the result of employee theft, your own staff won’t be the only security threat your business faces. In creating a good security plan for your business, you should have a method for vetting vendors and partners. You’ll want to be sure the third-party personnel conducting business on your property aren’t also stealing from you. Even after vetting these individuals and companies, be sure access is restricted to essential areas.

Be Diligent in Protecting Data

Data breaches can harm your customers as well as your own business, so take steps to protect data in all forms. Paper documents should only be printed on an as-needed basis, and they should be shredded when they’re no longer needed. You can always print more copies later. Digital data should also be protected. Use VPN services to encrypt any data sent over an internet connection. Make sure your website is secure and requires customers to provide usernames and passwords to access their accounts. A cybersecurity company can recommend more security measures to incorporate into your system.

You can also enhance your business’ security protection by working with a third-party security service. You’ll benefit from the expertise of a qualified security team without having to retain them as your own employees. The right company can help you address your business’ physical and online security with one package.