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Because people are affected by their environments and association with others, creating an atmosphere in which employees are comfortable performing their duties and working with others is essential. Indeed, it is vital to the success of a business that the employees feel respected and appreciated by their employers and that they have a mutual respect. By setting standards for employees’ attitudes, behavior, and values, such a framework can encourage both professional and personal growth. Creating this healthy environment is essential to the success of a company. And, as is so often true, success starts from the top. It is the responsibility of the leaders in a company to establish such an environment by being role models. For, just telling employees what to do does not influence them. The aphorism “Actions speak louder than words” is true; influential leaders demonstrate ways to do things and work with their employees to attain their goals.

Setting an Example

Authentic leaders also are willing to “roll up their sleeves” and do much of the work themselves, if necessary. When leaders contribute their efforts, doing so demonstrates their commitment to the company, and their example inspires the employees to join them. When employers and employees work together, the results are the promotion of an environment in which there is collective action instead of individuals focusing solely on their personal performances.

Show Appreciation of Others

Successful people recognize and appreciate the efforts and hard work of others. By doing so, leaders help employees realize that their efforts and hard work are valued. Such appreciation demonstrates respect for the abilities of others. This appreciation often inspires the recipients to exert more effort and extend mutual respect, all of which help to create a healthy and positive environment.

Establish Trust with Employees

Building trust takes time, but successful people must be able to rely upon their workers.

When employers treat their workers fairly and humbly admit their mistakes, listen to their employees’ suggestions and follow wise advice, they will win the respect and trust of their employees. Allowing employees to make certain decisions gains their loyalty, as well.