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While situations change, leadership should not. In the midst of uncertain times, leadership must stay the course to ensure that the organization endures. Here are some key principles to consider in understanding leadership during uncertain times. 

Fall Back on Corporate Core Values
To provide stability in the midst of chaos, a leader should focus on corporate core values. While situations change, values shouldn’t. A leader may not be able to predict the future, but they can determine how the organization will behave. Positive corporate values provide a firm foundation for any situation.

Be Adaptable
In the midst of uncertainty, a leader must be willing to change, as well. Continuing the current plan won’t be possible. A leader will have to learn to adapt plans quickly to meet the demands of the changing landscape. 

Furthermore, this change will have to happen quickly. A leader can’t wait for data collection to make a decision. Plus, a leader can always weigh any decision against the organization’s core values. 

Accept Uncertainty
When faced with uncertainty, a leader can take one of two paths. They can react negatively. This can include either denying the situation or freezing up because of the uncertainty. Unfortunately, a leader has to model the behavior they want to see in the people they lead.

Because of this, leadership needs to take a positive approach. A leader must accept that they aren’t going to know everything. The organization must move forward, so the leader must accept that they don’t have the complete picture. 

Look for the Opportunities
Is uncertainty going to be a hindrance or an opportunity? Honestly, it all depends on the leader.

A leader needs to be willing to turn uncertainty into an opportunity. This time of change can be an opportunity to be innovative. In fact, a crisis provides an opportunity for an organization to grow because it presents a problem that needs a solution. 

For the organization to grow from uncertainty, it requires a leader that embraces the opportunity. If an organization is to withstand uncertainty, it needs a leader that will be adaptable, focus on corporate values, accept uncertainty, and look for opportunities to grow from the experience.