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A career as an entrepreneur involves more than just a great idea. Entrepreneurs have to motivate the people in their organizations and make working for them manageable. It takes someone with the right qualities to handle the leadership demands of entrepreneurship. These are some of the top characteristics that make entrepreneurs good leaders too.

1. Compassion

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of grit work, but entrepreneurs also must know how to combine the drive they instill in their employees with compassion. They must understand the importance of caring about their employees and following up that compassion with action. Adequate vacation time and sick days go a long way, as do office celebrations and flexible working terms.

2. Strong Communication Skills

Entrepreneurs who are good leaders have strong communication skills to handle employees, clients, investors, and external relations. Problems can easily occur from communication breakdowns, and poor communication skills can create systematic issues. Cultivating these skills can keep a company running smoothly.

3. Vision

A major component of leadership skills for entrepreneurs is having a vision. This should center around both short and long-term goals. Thinking about and defining these goals to create objectives for the company gives everyone a singular drive. When leaders show their passion for their vision, it can galvanize their team.

4. Mentorship

Good entrepreneurial leaders know how to develop and train upcoming leaders in their organizations. Leaders should spend time cultivating the leadership skills of managers in the company, but they should also identify people with the potential for leadership roles in the future. Investing time and resources into upcoming leaders improves their competency at their jobs and alleviates the demands on those at the top.

5. Diverse Hiring Ability

Entrepreneurs who are good leaders know that they should look to attract and hire people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Entrepreneurs need to understand the gaps in skills within an organization and how to hire people from diverse backgrounds to fill those gaps. Creating a working environment amenable to hiring and retaining diverse talent begins at the top.

While entrepreneurs are known for their ideas, they also need to cultivate leadership skills to ensure their businesses are successful. Taking time to incorporate and practice these skills can help any entrepreneur manage their companies better.