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Reading is one of the more underrated skills that play a major role in entrepreneurial success. Many of the world’s most respected entrepreneurs and industry leaders, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, are proponents of masterful reading. Here are some reasons why you should devote more time reading as an entrepreneur. 

Gives Out-of-the-Box Solutions to Business Problems

Every business problem or hurdle you’ll face as an entrepreneur has likely been encountered by past entrepreneurs. Reading about entrepreneurs’ experiences and how they overcame challenges can help you find innovative solutions to the issues your business faces without costing you time, money, or manpower. 

Creates New Business Opportunities

The more time you spend reading, the more knowledge you accumulate. And the more knowledge you accumulate, the better you’re able to identify patterns and connect the dots. As you read about how other entrepreneurs were able to build a thriving business, you can use the information to look for underserved markets, technologies, and business models for your business. 

Helps Make Informed Business Decisions

More knowledge also equates to more informed decisions. Smarter people are able to read the situation and make the best decision possible under the given circumstances. For instance, reading about business tax laws allows you to file for maximum returns and avoid any expensive errors.

Boosts Creativity

Creativity is a vital attribute for any entrepreneur. Since building a business is not a linear path, there will be instances when creativity will help you jump through a hurdle or outcompete others in your industry. You can gain different angles when trying to solve a problem. 

Improves Speaking Ability

As you read, you expand your vocabulary. Having an extensive vocabulary lets you speak more confidently and coherently, which is another underrated skill as an entrepreneur. You’ll be able to build smarter-sounding sentences and choose the right words during business meetings and conferences. The more you speak knowledgeably and professionally, the more people will be drawn to you, including potential shareholders and customers.

Ultimately, reading alone may not offer these competitive advantages to entrepreneurs. You’ll need to practice reading efficiently to absorb high-value information while also leaving enough time for your other personal and entrepreneurial endeavors.