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Rob Bensh

International Affairs

About Rob Bensh

Rob Bensh is well acquainted with international affairs and the energy and global security arena. Rob has partnered with a variety of internationally-established energy corporations to help aid in developing and growing their oil and gas businesses.

As a thought leader within the energy and global security markets, Rob’s career spans 25 years of on the ground, focused work in oil, gas, and energy. Throughout his decorated and seasoned career, Rob has had the opportunity to travel all around the world and learn about different cultures, governments, and ways of thinking. For Rob, it’s vitally important to keep a pulse on what is happening from a global perspective — especially as the world becomes increasingly connected.

Throughout Rob Bensh’s career, he has served as an advisor and consultant on industry trends relating to energy and oil and gas, a role that has taken him around the world, including places and regions like England, Ukraine, South America, Australia, and the United States. In a politically charged world, Rob is passionate about affecting positive social change by reaching across the aisle and focusing on issues that are bipartisan. While Rob’s main area of focus has been the oil, gas, and energy sector, he is nevertheless well-acquainted and well-versed in merging businesses, increasing funds and capital, business development, and business acquisitions.

A particular area, international area of interest for Rob Bensh when it comes to oil, gas, and energy has been the industry opportunities that Ukraine has to offer. To his own admission, Ukraine has had a major influence on him and his appreciation of the oil, gas, and energy industries in the Ukranian market have only grown throughout his time spent in the country.

Having received his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, Rob received his Bachelor of Science with a focus on political science and history – something that has given him perspective and foundational knowledge that was greatly beneficial as he entered into a career that is fast-paced, changing, and multi-faceted. Rob Bensh pursued further education in the Directors Education Program by the Institute of Corporate Directors at the University of Toronto.

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Be sure to follow Rob online and stay up to date with insights and updates. On this site, Rob will share what’s going on around the world, paying special interest to the events that affect the energy/oil and gas industries.