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Italy is one of the European countries that has been hit the hardest by the spread of the coronavirus. Since March 9th, the citizens of Italy have been ordered to stay inside. Citizens of Italy are forbidden from leaving their homes unless they are going to and from work, buying food and other necessities or leaving their homes for medical purposes. Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, has extended restrictions that were previously in place only in Northern Italy. 


Extending Measures of Red Zones

Just after the lockdown, many small towns in Northern Italy were labeled as “Red Zones”, which were areas where the spread of the virus was at its worse. In these regions, the movements of the people had been rigorously restricted by police have been patrolling the streets. Citizens who could not prove that they were on their way to or returning home from work or the hospital would be fined. Now, these restrictions have been extended to the entire country of Italy.


Healthcare System Strained

Italy’s healthcare system has been brought to the brink of collapse due to a large number of patients sick with the virus. In Lombardy, hospital staff has been forced to set up intensive care treatment in the corridors of the hospital. Additionally, they have had to empty whole sections of the hospital to make room for those in critical condition. The crowded environments in the hospitals are making matters worse since the virus spreads quickly when people are packed together. In a way, it’s negating the social distancing efforts imposed by most of the governments of the world as the virus quickly spreads.


Escape of Prisoners

Prisoners are protesting and sometimes escaping from some of Italy’s most secure jails and prisons. The virus spreads quickly in these conditions because of the large population, close quarters and lack of adequate cleaning and sanitation. Some of the escaped convicts even kidnapped police officers. Convicts have been forbidden to have any visitors during the lockdown, another reason for the protests and recent breakouts. Many inmates have died as a result of the protests which took place in 22 prisons across the country.